2020-2021 Agriscience Educators Directory

MAAE Directory Information:

Description: MAAE has worked with the Michigan FFA Association and MSU-ANRED to create and update a directory of Agriscience Educators.  The directory serves to provide an easy source of contact information for educators throughout Michigan.

Purpose of MAAE Directory:
The following are outline purposes of the MAAE Directory per the MAAE Board of Directors:

  • The directory serves as a tool for MAAE members to know what schools and teachers are representative of their region as well as highlight Association information (constitution, committee information, etc.).
  • Both MAAE members and non-members are in the directory as a means for teachers to contact each other for recruitment, mentoring, or event purposes.
  • The directory serves as a source of income to MAAE, as MAAE continues membership of Affiliates who wish to have access to educator information throughout the state with paid membership into the association.
  • The WEB version of the directory is available under password protection online for the privacy of dues-paying members.  The PRINT directory is published by MAAE for members-only.
  • The directory outlines Year of Service information for the MAAE members listed in the directory.

Guidelines for Use:

  1. The directory is available online through password protection and in print for dues-paying MAAE Active Members and MAAE Affiliate Members.  Non-members may obtain a copy of the directory by paying dues or joining as an Affiliate.
  2. The use of educator information is not to be given to those seeking contact information for profit-making ventures; the directory however, may be accessed by members for those associations who hold close affiliation with MAAE, such as the Michigan FFA Foundation, Michigan FFA Alumni, Michigan FFA Association, or NAAE.

2020-2021 Agriscience & FFA Program Directory
(pdf file - password protected)

Please email Megan Emelander - megan.emelander@springportschools.net for the password



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